The Whole 4 Challenge is a FREE 5-day challenge that I designed to help you start living your life ON PURPOSE. We'll focus on things like cultivating a wealth mindset, shifting to a more holistic view of health and wellness, rediscovering wonder and joy, and healing our way to self-worth so that YOU can pursue a life filled with meaning, purpose, and passion . . . because that's the dream isn't it? Click on the image to the right to sign up and download your FREE challenge workbook!

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i n t r o d u c i n g

The Whole 4 Intensive

Meaning. Purpose. Passion.


The Whole 4 Intensive is a month-long program that was designed to help YOU start living your life ON PURPOSE by putting something called The Whole 4 Wheel into practice. The Whole 4 Wheel consists of 4 major categories -- wealth, wellness, wonder, and worth -- plus 5 sub-categories under each.

Put quite plainly, I created this program after feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired. I hated that I woke up exhausted in the mornings, always rushing to the next thing, feeling guilty when I "couldn't get it all done", never having time for myself, letting silly things get to me . . . basically feeling like I was not, nor would I ever be, GOOD ENOUGH.


Sound familiar? Fear not!


With this 20-day program, you're going to learn how to shift out of the energy of "sick and tired" into the energy of "LIT AND FIRED" (as in doing the things that light you up and set your soul on fire!).



We're going to focus on things like cultivating a wealth mindset, shifting to a more holistic view of health and wellness, rediscovering wonder and joy, and healing our way to self-worth so that YOU can pursue a life filled with meaning, purpose, and passion . . . because that's the dream isn't it?

p r o g r a m   d e t a i l s

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In-depth audio/video clips for each day of the program on each topic in The Whole 4 Wheel (20 in total)



A downloadable, interactive workbook (that can be printed or directly typed into) that contains eye-opening practices and exercises for each day's topic.


Access to the program never expires and any new content that is added will be yours, FOR FREE, at no additional cost!

This program can change your life . . . if you let it.

I get it. It can be scary to invest in yourself, especially when it comes to something so abstract as “soul-level healing”.

What does that even mean?

It means that the more you surrender, release, and forgive, the more good things can flow to you (like money, abundance, joy, and love).

I once heard it explained this way . . .

Much like electricity, our entire body’s nervous system is made up of conduits and “energy points” that our thoughts and feelings must pass through. In order for electricity to be conducted, a number of electrons travel through a wire, through a multitude of atoms. The more atoms it takes to travel through, the longer it takes for that electricity to show up where it’s needed (like your house or the restaurant down the street). Which ultimately means . . .

The less “stuff” there is to pass through, the more uninterrupted the flow.

Our minds work in the exact same way. You see, right now there are HUNDREDS (maybe even thousands) of neural pathways in your mind that are blocked. So how can a positive thought flow freely via the path of least resistance if that path is BLOCKED with limiting beliefs?

Simply put, it can’t.

So it ends up being redirected down a path it travels down often. One of . . .





The energy point of “you can’t, you won’t, you never will”.

In order to manifest the things we really want into our physical experience, we have to CLEAR THE PATHWAY. But if we don’t take the time to see what’s blocking that pathway in the first place, how can we? And why would we ever expect our reality to get better?

Right now, your positive thoughts (your desires) take so long to reach their manifestation point that by the time they do, you’ve already given up and replaced them with hundreds of negative thoughts—and since what you focus on expands, the negative will outweigh the positive. Every. Single. Time.

That's why it feels like things aren't happening (or like they're happening at a glacial pace).

Do you see where I’m going with this?

The Whole 4 Intensive is the first step in unblocking those neural pathways. Wealth, wellness, wonder, and worth—these are all things you want more of in your life, right? Just as an example, the trainings in this program have helped me unblock my own neural pathways and have resulted in:

*An unexpected $325 check showing up in the mail (from a service provider I hadn’t used in YEARS) at the exact time I needed to get my air conditioning repaired

*Fitting into my favorite pair of jeans (that I almost donated) without changing my exercise routine or meals (I'm still eating pasta and bread and alllll the carbs -- like, what?!)

*Getting a sincere apology from a family member (who I was certain would never come around) and being invited to an event that I was really excited about, but wasn't originally invited to

*Getting upgraded to first class FOR FREE (on multiple flights), even though I wasn't even on that airline's "preferred upgrade list"


*Finally quitting the job that I hated and subsequently signing up 6 new clients in one month which gave me my first 5-figure month (which, by the way, is more than I ever made in a month with my corporate salary!)

Now obviously, I'm not a fortune teller. I can’t predict the future and tell you what's going to happen after you take this program (if I could, I'd be on my own private island somewhere drinking sangria -- I mean, wouldn't we all?). While I can't say EXACTLY what things will happen for you, what I CAN say is that your life will improve. Things will get better. And you’ll find yourself feeling happier, calmer, lighter, and more at ease.

How we FEEL creates our life experience, so why not make it the most wealthy, wonderous, and FUN experience possible?

I believe that you are worth it. But the real question is . . . do YOU?