Do you have incomplete projects sitting on your list from last year?


Do you struggle to decide on which projects to work on and when?


Do you have trouble staying on track and focusing on just one project at a time?


Do you tend to start strong, but never quite cross the finish line?


Do you wish you could just finish the darn thing without procrastinating or getting distracted?


Introducing PROJECT SLAY, a 30 page worksheet bundle to help you:

- Get started on your project without overthinking it (or talking yourself out of it)

- Prioritize the RIGHT projects (and how to know which projects are the "right" projects)

- Create an actionable, easy-to-execute project plan in 30 minutes or less (one you can use over and over again for future projects)

- Actually stay consistent to see the project through to the very end

- Carry that momentum forward into the next project, and the next project, and the next . . .


PROJECT SLAY is the only blueprint you'll ever need to finish ANY project ever again.


This blueprint works for ANY project across ALL industries. Whether it's a creative project, a health goal, a business project, home renovation, or something else entirely, this blueprint will help you prioritize the right projects, stick to a consistent schedule, and successfully complete each one with ease.


As Albert Einstein once said, "Insanity is doing the same things over and over again, and expecting different results." Why not try something DIFFERENT and finally finish those projects on your list?


For a limited time only, get this 30-page worksheet bundle for just $33!


Project Slay Worksheet Bundle

  • This worksheet bundle is a downloadable PDF that can either be typed into directly, or downloaded and printed.